Outback Snack Sample


Outback Snack is a unique blend of kangaroo, pumpkin, and blueberries, carefully crafted to redefine your pup's snacking experience. Kangaroo, an exceptional lean protein source, offers a novel and easily digestible option for canine companions. Paired with the nutrient-packed goodness of pumpkin, these treats contribute to digestive health, providing a rich source of fiber and essential vitamins. The inclusion of antioxidant-rich blueberries adds a burst of natural sweetness while supporting overall well-being. Outback Snack isn't just delicious; it’s a powerhouse of benefits, promoting lean muscle development, digestive vitality, and immune system support. Treat your furry friend to this flavor-packed journey – where health, taste, and joy converge in every delightful bite!

  • Made with only fresh, human-grade, whole food ingredients
  • 100% natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-fat
  • Single source Novel Protein

Ingredients: Organic Oats, Natural Free-Range Kangaroo, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Blueberries